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According to modern war doctrines, the weapon systems and platforms for the Information Warfare and Psychological Operations are considered to be far more strategically lethal than nuclear assets, air and naval power as well as land and Special Forces. Brasstacks unearths hostile Psy-ops and presents radical but practical solutions through media appearances.

Alternate Channel in areas where youtube is banned
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Brasstacks Series on TV Channels
Zaid Hamid exposes and explains the 'Grand Strategic Objectives' of the West episode 1
Zaid Hamid exposes and explains the 'Grand Strategic Objectives' of the West episode 2
Zaid Hamid's famous series Brasstacks topic 'Pak Afghan Policy' episode 1
Zaid Hamid's famous series Brasstacks topic 'Pak Afghan Policy' episode 2
Brasstacks series 'War on Terror' by Zaid Hamid - episode 1
Brasstacks series 'War on Terror' by Zaid Hamid - episode 2
Brasstacks series 'Zionist war against Political Islam' by Zaid Hamid - episode 1
Brasstacks series 'Zionist war against Political Islam' by Zaid Hamid - episode 2
BrassTacks series 'Hindu Zionism' by Zaid Hamid (complete 9 episodes playlist)

Zaid Hamid's BrassTacks series 'CIA threats to Pakistan' (complete 10 episodes playlist)

Zaid Hamid's Brasstacks - 'Role of Spiritual Forces' episode 1
Zaid Hamid's Brasstacks - 'Role of Spiritual Forces' episode 2

Mumbai Drama Exposed by Zaid Hamid - Tables turned (2009)

Zaid Hamid's BrassTacks series 'Economic Terrorism' (complete 17 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid's 'Halqa e Yaraan' a spiritually igniting series (complete 20 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid's 'Quroon e Aula' series (complete 16 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid's series 'Khilafat e Rashida' political model (complete 19 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid's 'Predictions of Naimat-ullah Shah Wali' (complete 8 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid's Famous series 'Iqbal ka Pakistan' (complete 41 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid introduces the 'Iqbal Pur Israr' to the nation (complete 16 episodes playlist)
Zaid Hamid's 'Pakistan Eik Ishq Eik Junoon' (complete 5 lectures playlist)
Zaid Hamid Electrifying 'Wake Up' series (complete 5 lectures playlist)
BrassTacks Special - East Pakistan The untold Story
BrassTacks Special - Meet the Real Quaid e Azam
BrassTacks - Independance Day Special
BrassTacks 'Kashmir Past, Present & Future' Special Program by Zaid hamid (2010)
Brasstacks 'Yaum e Takbeer Special' By Zaid Hamid
Miscellaneous Programs
Zaid Hamid on Sahir Lodhi Show 23rd March 2009
Zaid Hamid answers questions of youth on K2 TV (January 2010)
Zaid Hamid on Bakhabar Savera regarding lawyers movement and CJ Iftikhar (March 2009)
Interviews and Analysis on different nationa & International TV Channels
Zaid Hamid blasting Al-Qaida myth - Inside Story Al-Jazeera News 30th May 2012
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - Collapse of judiciary and government in fighting terrorism
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - Memo scandal and its repercussions
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - NATO and Afghan policy
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - NATO Supplies a threat to Pakistan
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - Separatist movements in India
Zaid Hamid's Analysis 22-05-12 - Chicago Conference and NATO Supplies on Pakistan Tonight
Zaid Hamid's Analysis 16-04-12 - Parliament's decision on NATO Supplies on 11th Hour
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - PPP regime's war on ISI and Army
Zaid Hamid's Analysis 8-3-2012 - Role of ISI in politics and Asghar Khan's petition
Zaid Hamid's Analysis 06-03-12 - exposing liberal seculars - program Frontline
Zaid Hamid's Analysis 11-01-12 - on drone attacks
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - on Joe Biden's statement about Afghanistan
Zaid Hamid's Analysis 29th Sept 2011 - with Waseem Badami - All Parties Conference
Zaid Hamid's Analysis of US report targeting ISI - The Inside Story Aljazeera
Zaid Hamid's Analysis on Treason and memo case
Zaid Hamid's Analysis -Worst military disaster for US in Afghanistan
Zaid Hamid's Analysis - Exposing CIA
Zaid Hamid on Business Bazar ARY News - Plastic money and falling economies
Zaid Hamid and Hameed Gul on Press TV, July 25th 2010
Zaid Hamid on Aljazeera on the issue of Musharraf's Resignation March 2009
Zaid Hamid's Analysis on Inside Story Aljazeera- Is a 'new' al-Qaeda posing a bigger threat?
Zaid Hamid's Analysis on the issue of 9/11 on program Uncensored Waqt News - episode 1
Zaid Hamid's Analysis about Blackwater & Balochistan Issue on Uncensored Waqt News - episode 2
Report on Conspiracies and Zaid Hamid by NewYork Times
Zaid Hamid on program Shadows of Invasion (Press TV Iran) Sept 2010
Syed Zaid Hamid - Tehran Peace Conference - 14th - 15th May, 2011
Zaid Hamid - Dawn TV Documentary 'Conspiracy Theorists' (Aug 2009)
Zaid Hamid's analysis on US Pakistan Afghan Policy Press TV (June 2010)
Zaid Hamid - Interview on Radio Islam South Africa about US Pakistan ties
Zaid Hamid - An interview with Mark Glenn. Simply mind blowing
Zaid Hamid on Dawn News' Program 'In the Line of Fire' (Oct 2011)
Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn and Jonathan Azaziah - Pakistan, the last frontier! (Oct 11th 2011)
Views On News Dr Farzana bari VS Zahid Hamid 10th December 2010
Zaid Hamid on CNN - How life changed in Pakistan after 9/11 (9th Sept 2011)
Zaid Hamid with Ahmad Quraishi on PTV News in program World view (2007)
Zaid Hamid on PTV News in program 'World in Focus' (July 16th 2008)
Zaid Hamid on PTV with Dr. Moeed Pirzada - 9/11 Special (Sept 2011)
Zaid Hamid with Mark Glenn discussing Osama Bin Laden killing Drama (May 5, 2011)
Worldview from Islamabad Baitullah Mehsud foreign agent (March 1st 2008)
Zaid Hamid on PTV news program Worldview 'America Breathing down our necks' (2007)
Zaid Hamid with Mahar Bukhari-Attack on PNS Mehran Karachi (Aug 16th 2011)
Zaid Hamid - Our identity as Pakistanis Duniya News 24 July 2011
Zaid Hamid on Swat Peace Deal Nizam e Adal (April 22nd 2009)
Zaid Hamid's analysis about on FATA & NWFP situation on Ptv News (July 15th 2008)
Zaid Hamid on Floods in Pakistan a result of India's water war under Cold Start Doctrine (Oct 2010)
Zaid Hamid Babri Mosque's Decision by Allahbad Court (Oct 2010)
Zaid Hamid Discuss Indo Pak Tention US Role (Dec16th 2008)
Zaid Hamid on Syasat aur Pakistan 'Palestine Gaza Special ' (Jan 3rd 2009)
Zaid Hamid and Fauzia Wahab on program Thori Si Siyasat with Ahmad Qureshi (Oct 11th 2009)
Zaid Hamid Live on Royal News 26 July 2010 North Waziristan Operation
Zaid Hamid on Closure of NATO Supplies 9th October 2010
Zaid Hamid on Royal News 4th August 2010 Zardari's Shameful Visit to UK
Zaid Hamid on Royal News 12th Octuber, 2010
Zaid Hamid on Royal News 17th July (Baluchistan Crisis)
Zaid Hamid on Royal News 19th July (America's Plan in Pakistan)
Zaid Hamid on Royal News 20th July (AF-PAK Transit Trade Agreement)
Zaid Hamid on Royal News 24th July 2010 Extension of Army Chief
Zaid Hamid's InterView on Closure of NATO Supplies - 5th October, 2010
Zaid Hamid in Situation Room analysing PAK AFGHAN Situation (May 11th 2010)
Zaid Hamid Samaa TV 's program Situation Room - on fresh wave of terrorism - (9th Dec 2009)
Zaid Hamid on Royal News on dialogue with India (July 16th 2010)
Zaid Hamid and Dr. Shireen Mazari with ahmad Quraishi - Rawalpindi Paradeline Attack (Dec 5th 2009)
Zaid Hamid - NATO supply resumption and the treachery of the Government in Islamabad
Zaid Hamid on Radio Ikhlas UK FM 107.8 13 (April 2011)
Zaid Hamid on Radio Islam [South Africa] - Current Global Scenario - 12 October 2011
Zaid Hamid - US-PAK Tension - Press TV (Dec 11th 2010)
Zaid Hamid on Press TV US talk with Taliban (Oct 15th 2010)
Zaid Hamid with Wasim Badami on 11th Hour - Memo Scandal and Haqqani (Oct23rd 2011)
Zaid Hamid with Mehar Bukhari on Dunya News - Two Nation Theory (Aug 17th 2011)
Zaid Hamid on FM 102 Islamabad Independence Day Special 14 August 2011
Zaid Hamid with Faisal Rehman on Waqt News program Hot Line 11 July 2012
Zaid Hamid on Express News (16th Jly 2012) - Patriotic Technocratic Caretakers Backed by Army!
Zaid Hamid on Parliament, Judiciary and crisis in Pakistan - Ummah TV UK
Zaid Hamid on the Role of media and present security scenario - Takbeer TV UK [Complete]
Zaid Hamid on din News - Indo-Pak Relations and US strategy (28th June 2012)
Zaid Hamid on Dunya News-CROSS FIRE (31st July 2012) - Mayanmar Muslim Massacre & MOU
Zaid Hamid with Waseem Badami on 11th Hour (1st August 2012)
Zaid Hamid with Meher Bukhari on CrossFire - Quaid's vision of Pakistan (14th Aug 2012)
Zaid Hamid with Fareeha Idrees on Waqt News - Khilafat e Rashida model the destiy of Pakistan
Zaid hamid with Javed Chaudrey 16 August 2012 -- Threats to Pakistan from 4GW and Kamra attacks
Zaid Hamid on program Policy Matters - North Waziristan Operation and its fall outs
Zaid Hamid on Aaj News - Internal Security Threats to India



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