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Mr. Zaid Hamid is a security consultant and strategic defense analyst. He is the founder of BrassTacks, a unique Pakistani Think Tank devoted to the study of regional and global political events and their implications for Pakistan's security and interests. As an expert on the subject, he is frequently invited to speak on national television networks. These programs have pioneered a new trend in currents affairs programming in Pakistan, where he skillfully knits together the undercurrents of apparently disconnected global events, and builds a bigger perspective on the threats that we face and where our true national interests lie. Owing to the tremendous appreciation received by these educational program series, a number of people have expressed interest in learning more about Mr. Zaid. We present below a brief overview of his personal life, interests and expertise


Throughout his life of jihad, self-development, and learning, the issue of Islamic renaissance, and resurgence of Pakistan as a prosperous and strong Muslim country, has been a personal passion of Mr. Zaid. The creation of BrassTacks think tank is a culmination of his lifelong efforts and aspirations.

The mission of BrassTacks Think Tank is exactly what the mission of Mr. Zaid himself has always been: to strive for creation of a stronger Pakistan, by creating awareness and providing education on issues of strategic national importance, and providing guidance to the people on how to develop a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding our national interests, and ideological frontiers.

BrassTacks is a private venture of Mr. Zaid, and some close like-minded friends who all share the common cause of commitment and patriotism to Pakistan. BrassTacks accepts no funding from any outward source, and is not affiliated with any political party or institution. However, BrassTacks maintains a friendly and advisory role to key institutions of Pakistan including the government of Pakistan, the foreign office, Pakistan army, and embassies of friendly Islamic countries.

BrassTacks think tank has attracted a lot of talent from the youth of Pakistan, and is already playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of Pakistan's domestic and foreign policy.

Mr. Zaid Hamid welcomes all of you to join hands with BrassTacks and play our role in Islamic Renaissance and Muslim unity through the agency of this God gifted country of Pakistan.


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