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Based in Pakistan and armed with grass root intelligence, exposure and experience, BrassTacks professional team of analysts brings a fresh, unique and incisive insight, from within the Muslim world, of the thinking, perspective and views of the conflicts and global threats and offers comprehensive analysis and solutions to the security issues faced by the world for the 21st century.

BrassTacks Policy Papers, Articles and Presentations

State Ponsored Genocide in India - Are you ready for Modi's Bahrat?

By Way of Deception - BrassTacks Policy paper on Indian False flag operations

Geo Politics, Wars, Reshaping of Middle East and Af-Pak Regions

Read the Document on scribd


The Charge sheet against Pro-Khawarij Congressi Mullas

Allama Iqbal about Hussain Ahmed Madni -- The epic battle for heart and soul of the Millat!
Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? - In Urdu Language
Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? - In Arabic language
Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? - In English language
Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? - In Pushto language
Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? A critical note on TTP & their ideology.
Who are the Khawarij in Pakistan? A critical note on TTP & their ideology - in Urdu

Who killed Akbar Bugti?

The lost papers of Allama Mohammad Asad

Quaid e Azam created a department of Islamic Reconstruction in 1947 to create an Islamic state in Pakistan. He appointed the German convert Muslims Muhemmed Asad as its director general. After the death of Quaid e Azam, the whole department was burnt down by the traitors and its research lost to the nation. Now for the first time in 65 years, these rare, historical and visionary works are brought back to life, alhamdolillah.

These are the lost papers of Muhemmed Asad.
These papers have an incredible historical value and set the record straight on the vision, mission, ambitions and aspirations of our founding fathers – Quaid, Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan and Allama Asad – on the newly created Islamic state of Pakistan. These papers destroy the myth comprehensively that our founding fathers wanted to create secular state and did not wish an Islamic state. These papers are most decisive rebuttal to the liberal fascists who have been resisting the Islamic state in Pakistan and now would form the basis upon which to rebuild a glorious Islamic civilization, InshAllah!

The lost papers of Allama Mohammad Asad (pdf doc) - Scribd link

Summary of the document - Aims & objectives of Dept of Islamic Reconstruction Power Point Presentation

Secret operations,Drug money
Battleground Afghanistan
Presentation of 'War on Terror'
Armageddon 2014
Financial Terrorism
Setting India on Fire
Energy Crises and Food Security
Battleground Afghanistan
War on Terror and collapse of the judicial system
Indian Army and Saffron Terrorism Nexus
The CIA's Eastern Outreach
Return to the Golden Age
Balkanizing India
The Afghan Dilemma
American Wars - Conflict and Chaos in Muslim lands
Indian Ocean - Battle for Dominance
India Israel Military Relations and Pakistan
Propaganda and Warfare in Cyber World: Pakistan's weak flank
The Zionists 'War on Terror'
noose around Pakistani Nukes
Blakanizing Pakistan
Decentralized and Urban Warfare
Obama's Af-Pak - A Strategic Quagmire for Pakistan
4GW, Indian Gold Start & Future Pak-India Conflict
Building response to 4GW
Middle East Crises - The Analogy of Experience
CIA's Drug Wars
Hydrological War of India against Pakistan - Plans,Impact and Consequences
The Final Solution




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