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According to modern war doctrines, the weapon systems and platforms for the Information Warfare and Psychological Operations are considered to be far more strategically lethal than nuclear assets, air and naval power as well as land and Special Forces. Brasstacks unearths hostile Psy-ops and presents radical but practical solutions through media appearances.


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Economic Terrorism Series
Economic Terrorism 1
Economic Terrorism 2
Economic Terrorism 3
Economic Terrorism 4
Economic Terrorism 5
Economic Terrorism 6
Economic Terrorism 7
Economic Terrorism 8
Economic Terrorism 9
Economic Terrorism 10
Economic Terrorism 11
Economic Terrorism 12
Economic Terrorism 13
Economic Terrorism 14
Economic Terrorism 15
Economic Terrorism 16
Economic Terrorism 17 Last
Halqa e Yaran Series
Halqa e Yaran 1
Halqa e Yaran 2
Halqa e Yaran 3
Halqa e Yaran 4
Halqa e Yaran 5
Halqa e Yaran 6
Halqa e Yaran 7
Halqa e Yaran 8
Halqa e Yaran 9
Halqa e Yaran 10
Halqa e Yaran 11
Halqa e Yaran 12
Halqa e Yaran 13
Halqa e Yaran 14
Halqa e Yaran 15
Halqa e Yaran 16
Halqa e Yaran 17
Halqa e Yaran 18
Halqa e Yaran 19
Halqa e Yaran 20 Last
Iqbal Ka Pakistan Series

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 1

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 2

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 3

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 4

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 5

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 6

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 7

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 8

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 9

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 10

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 11

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 12

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 13

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 14

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 15

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 16

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 17

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 18

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 19

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 20

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 21

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 22

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 23

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 24

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 25

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 26

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 27

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 28

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 29

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 30

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 31

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 32

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 33

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 34

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 35

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 36

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 37

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 38

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 39

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 40

Iqbal Ka Pakistan 41 Last

Khilafat e Rashida Series
Khilafat e Rashida 1

Khilafat e Rashida 2

Khilafat e Rashida 3

Khilafat e Rashida 4

Khilafat e Rashida 5

Khilafat e Rashida 6

Khilafat e Rashida 7

Khilafat e Rashida 8

Khilafat e Rashida 9

Khilafat e Rashida 10

Khilafat e Rashida 11

Khilafat e Rashida 12

Khilafat e Rashida 13

Khilafat e Rashida 14

Khilafat e Rashida 15

Khilafat e Rashida 16

Khilafat e Rashida 17

Khilafat e Rashida 18

Khilafat e Rashida 19 Last

Iqbal the Mysterious Series
Iqbal the mysterious 1

Iqbal the mysterious 2

Iqbal the mysterious 3

Iqbal the mysterious 4

Iqbal the mysterious 5

Iqbal the mysterious 6

Iqbal the mysterious 7

Iqbal the mysterious 8

Iqbal the mysterious 9

Iqbal the mysterious 10

Iqbal the mysterious 11

Iqbal the mysterious 12

Iqbal the mysterious 13

Iqbal the mysterious 14

Iqbal the mysterious 15

Iqbal the mysterious 16 Last

Qurun e Aula Series
Qurun e Aula 1

Qurun e Aula 2

Qurun e Aula 3

Qurun e Aula 4

Qurun e Aula 5

Qurun e Aula 6

Qurun e Aula 7

Qurun e Aula 8

Qurun e Aula 9

Qurun e Aula 10

Qurun e Aula 11

Qurun e Aula 12

Qurun e Aula 13

Qurun e Aula 14

Qurun e Aula 15

Qurun e Aula 16 Last

Yeh Ghazi Series
Yeh Ghazi episode 1

Yeh Ghazi episode 2

Yeh Ghazi episode 3

Yeh Ghazi episode 4

Yeh Ghazi episode 5

Yeh Ghazi episode 6

Yeh Ghazi episode 7

Yeh Ghazi episode 8

Yeh Ghazi episode 9

Yeh Ghazi episode 10

Yeh Ghazi episode 11

Yeh Ghazi episode 12

Yeh Ghazi episode 13

Yeh Ghazi episode 14

Yeh Ghazi episode 15

Yeh Ghazi episode 16

Yeh Ghazi episode 17

Yeh Ghazi episode 18

Yeh Ghazi episode 19

Yeh Ghazi episode 20

Yeh Ghazi episode 21

Yeh Ghazi episode 22

Yeh Ghazi episode 23

Yeh Ghazi episode 24

Yeh Ghazi episode 25

Yeh Ghazi episode 26

Yeh Ghazi episode 27

Yeh Ghazi episode 28

Yeh Ghazi episode 29 Last

Naimatullah Shah Wali Series
Naimatullah Shah Wali 1

Naimatullah Shah Wali 2

Naimatullah Shah Wali 3

Naimatullah Shah Wali 4

Naimatullah Shah Wali 5

Naimatullah Shah Wali 6

Naimatullah Shah Wali 7

Naimatullah Shah Wali 8 Last

Hindu Zionism Series
Hindu Zionism 1

Hindu Zionism 2

Hindu Zionism 3

Hindu Zionism 4

Hindu Zionism 5 Last

War on Terror Series
War on Terror 1

War on Terror 2

Political Islam & Jihad Series
Political Islam & Jihad 1

Political Islam & Jihad 2

Pakistan's Afghan Policy Series
Pakistan's Afghan Policy 1

Pakistan's Afghan Policy 2

US Grand Strategic Objectives Series
US Grand Strategic Objectves episode 1

US Grand Strategic Objectives episode 2

Zaid Hamid's Exclusive Programs

Zaid Hamid's Famous Lecture on Ishq e Rasul SAW in Jamia Rizwia

Zaid Hamid on FMdil102 Quaid e Azam Special 25/12/2012

Zaid Hamid with P J Mir an exclusive analysis of the current scenario

Takbeer e Musalsal - answers to questions and confusions

Zaid Hamid's in Comsats University on the topic of Pakistan's role in current regional scenario

Zaid Hamid on Program Ikhtilaf with Wajahat Ali Khan

Zaid Hamid in program 'In the line of fire'

Zaid Hamid Demolishing CIA Propaganda against Pakistan

Zaid Hamid 'What are our options now?'

Zaid Hamid's lecture at business college Lahore

Wake Up Pakistan Series
Wake Up Lahore 1st lecture

Wake Up Lahore 2nd Lecture

Wake Up Karachi

Wake Up Islamabad



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